Drug Discovery to ensure the world is prepared for the next pandemic

READDI’s Antiviral Drug Discovery Center (AViDD Center) is a public-private partnership designed to identify and develop oral antivirals that can combat pandemic-level viruses.

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  • 40 Principal Investigators
  • 23 Research Sites
  • 5 Countries

Latest News

  • 07.11.23 The U.S. scientist at the heart of COVID-19 lab leak conspiracies is still trying to save the world from the next pandemic More
  • 06.01.22 READDI-AC was featured in the UNC Eshelman Innovation 2022 Annual Impact Report More
  • 05.20.22 UNC-Chapel Hill receives $65M from NIH for antiviral drug development center More

The devastating effects of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic illustrates the critical need for new antiviral treatments – the collaborative coalition of READDI-AC is focused on addressing this need head-on.”

Developing oral broad spectrum direct acting antivirals,
effective against families of
high priority viral pathogens.

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